Program Guidelines

Each prospective NMSH client must meet three criteria:

1. The individual must be homeless

2. The individuals must be certified as mentally disabled by a clinician (and/or be battling substance abuse and/or be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS)

3. The individual must have little or no income (defined by federal parameters).

*Tenants will be placed in units that correspond to their family size (for example, a single individual can only be housed in a one bedroom) and the apartment is subject to Fair Market Rental (FMR) values.

If these Criteria are met, then getting an individual on our interest list is the next step. In order for someone to be placed on the NMSH interest list, they must first contact the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency (844) 900-5000. They will go through an intake process with them, and based on their needs, be referred to NMSH. A referral form must be submitted to NMSH by the individual's caseworker from another agency (examples of referring agencies includes Northern Lakes Community Mental Health, Women's Resource Center, and Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan). The referral can be submitted by a caseworker, therapist or physician via fax, email or US Postal Service.

Once an individual is placed in NMSH Housing, 30% of their monthly income will be allocated toward their rent. If an individual has no income, NMSH may provide 100% subsidy. NMSH will also provide the security deposit and utilities if a client is unable to pay.