Supportive Services

  • Case Management

  • Home Maintenance

  • Budget Counseling

  • Utility Assistance

  • Life-Skills Training

Supportive Services

Support services play a major role in NMSH’s efforts to facilitate stability and growth in the lives of its clients. The services offered by NMSH include budget counseling, life-skills training, home maintenance, utility assistance, and case management to help clients overcome any barriers related to maintaining and sustaining their housing.

In addition to these supports, NMSH also connects clients to community resources such as Community Mental Health, which provide psychiatric services that are outside the scope of NMSH. This intentional separation between the provision of Housing and Clinical services allows NMSH clients to dictate their own path to recovery without feeling as if their housing depends on their successes in treatment.

Because tenants dictate their own pathway to recover, service usage varies greatly for each tenant depending on their level of need. NMSH's support assures access for the tenant to flexible and individualized services, including clinical, educational, and vocational services, medical benefit advocacy, daily living skill development, and more.

"[NMSH] gave me hope in a dark time and for that I am forever grateful!"

Utilities and Maintenance

In order to provide utilities for its units and maintain its properties (a total yearly cost of approximately $20,000), NMSH created the NMSH Utilities and Maintenance Fund. This fund allows families and individuals to live in NMSH Housing without the additional burden of paying utilities. With increased NMSH Housing capacity, the need for donations allocated to the NMSH Utilities and Maintenance Fund becomes more crucial.